It’s easy to go by our lives, neglecting what is happening to our oceans and marine life as most of us don’t live near the ocean or come into contact with it every day. Perhaps a picnic or swim at the beach slightly catches our attention of the plastic floating around or the sight of a dead fish that washed ashore leaves us feeling briefly disgruntled. But surely, the sun starts to set and we head back home and forget all about the plastic and the dead fish.
Imagine walking down a street and watching somebody get badly hurt in a car accident and then simply walking away pretending to not have witnessed a person desperately in need of immediate medical attention. Although in reality of course many people would instantly call 911 and offer help, that is no different to what we do when we go to the beach for a swim and discover plastic cups, bottles, wrappers, etc and fail to pick them up. We leave the marine live suffering while we enjoy our swim and absentmindedly neglect our plastics behind.
Plastic in the Ocean
The problem doesn’t just end at the shoreline of bodies of water, entire oceans are being impacted by the immense amount of plastic ending up in them. It is estimated that 8.7 million metric tons of plastic enters the ocean every year! Plastic debris that ends up in the ocean, breaks down into small micro-plastic and gets mistaken as food by many marine organisms. However, some plastic takes years to break down and sinks to the ocean beds e.g. commercial fishing nets that are abandoned by fishermen account for almost 40% of the ocean’s plastic, produce a serious chain of problems. They trap marine animals such as sharks, turtles, fishes, etc and also damage coral reef which has detrimental effects to the entire marine ecosystem.
I have therefore created this blog site to promote awareness about plastic pollution and its detrimental effects on the marine ecosystem. I will be reviewing lots of plastic-free and eco-friendly products in the future. If you also happen to want to reduce your consumption of plastic, join my journey by subscribing to my blog. Let’s do our part of protecting the environment, oceans and marine life starting from what we purchase!

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